Three Things That Make Fall My Second Favorite Season

For me there’s nothing like wearing a pair of colorful shorts, a bright tank top and comfy flip flops while spending the long days beneath the shining sun. Maybe drink some freshly squeezed lemonade after taking a stroll along the beach with my feet in the ocean, toss a Frisbee around in the sand, wind down at a barbecue for dinner and then eat a fruity Italian ice, followed by roasting marshmallows beneath the glistening stars, laughing with my friends and catching the leftover hint of suntan lotion swaying in the warm air. And I must mention that driving with the windows down and radio up is what gets me from point A to point B. But it’s time to stop fantasizing about the past because today marks the first day of my second favorite season on our pretty earth: fall. Or autumn, as some of you may like to refer to it as. First of all, let me just say that I’m a fall baby — I trickled down to this earth like a leaf in November — it’s embedded within who I am. Right behind summer, so super close to it, just a tiny little nudge away from it in my heart lies my adoration for this gorgeous-stricken season, and here’s what I love most about it:


The colors: Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of this change? Drive down a narrow street surrounded by trees and it is seriously breathtaking. Take a walk through the woods and admire the variety of colors at your own pace. Even better, go hiking and from the highest point, look down at the wonderful scenery below. It will make you happy. It will probably make you love yourself if you already don’t. Nature is powerfully beautiful, and fall is by far the most stylish season with its pop of color and crisp air.


The fashion: Speaking of style, fall fashion is my favorite. I love leather jackets, pea coats, boots, and clothing in royal colors such as burgundy, indigo, cranberry, navy blue, dark greens and deep tans. And to make any outfit that much better, all you have to do is wrap yourself in a scarf and you’re set.


The food: I’m getting hungry just thinking about Thanksgiving. What I’d do right now for a humongous piles of mashed potatoes volcano-ing with peas and corn, flowing with butter and a dash of salt to top it off. Apple pie anyone? Pumpkin pie? Apple and pumpkin picking to make your very own? Delicious heartwarming teas! Turkey and stuffing mixed with spices and cranberries on the side just waiting to be devoured. Ciders in delicious fruity flavors…with a cinnamon stick! CHILI! It’s amazing how your tastes change with the seasons, isn’t it?

Suddenly I no longer crave those overly obnoxious bright shorts and those watery Italian ices that drip all over the place. I’m ready to pull on my cranberry skinny jeans and bite into a candy apple. In my opinion, fall is the most creative of seasons. It’s colored with attitude and brings out the artist in just about everybody. What are your favorite things about fall?

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