image That Time I Pretended to Join the Circus

My boyfriend and I took a trapeze class at I.Fly Trapeze at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, New York, after a long work week. Needless to say, it was exhilarating, and the total opposite of feeling chained to a desk. With a rush of mixed emotions (mainly good ones) it reminded me that I was alive!

After my first go around, which, I’ll admit, my body was stiff for, especially after climbing a ladder up 35 feet high, which surprisingly took a lot out of me, I was ready to keep on soaring. I was thriving with adrenaline. It was amazing how quickly I got the hang of flipping through the air and just letting myself go.

The first time I let go of the bar and hung upside down from my legs, it was a tad frightening, but after having no choice but to feel comfortable with it, I couldn’t stop climbing that ladder for more. After that first push and that first swing, and that first “Look, no hands!” moment, I was addicted. It was a beautiful thing. I even got to swing upside down, hanging on with my legs only, stretch upwards, and grab the hands of one of the instructors who swung up from behind me. It felt so natural and real, getting comfortable with the movements and trust of my own body. We’re all so amazing, and sometimes you can’t unlock that feeling unless you go out on a limb and let go. I love life for that feeling.

So much easier than it looks!
So much easier than it looks!
That Time I Learned to Fly
The funnest, greatest workout ever!


  1. You´re a dear devil. What a work out though, trying not to scare your self to death. Probably the death part of falling in to…I hope there was some kind of net under but who knows it can brake, fear of death will probably make you hang there for a year. Don´t know maybe they need to put me in front of a bull for me to start jogging or sprinting in this case, it would be a work out. Looking forward to reading more of your articles in Electrodynamics, just figured I´d stop by after a long time and check out what´s new. Good stuff.

    • Hey Charly! Thank you! I had so much fun. The trapeze part wasn’t scary or difficult at all — but climbing the 35-ft ladder each time wore me out (and that was a bit intimidating at first). But I definitely suggest swinging through the air upside down because it’ll knock any fear you have right out of you. It could also get you into good shape so that you can outrun a bull. Nice to hear from you.

      • Nice to hear back from you Nicole,(have been out of the internet for too long good to be back up using the internet) tomorrow I´ll check out some of your post´s on “little gadgets” that we humans use to make our life´s sometimes more comfortable and other times makes us miserable like my Mackintosh that keeps playing games with me, sometimes it works and I can get to the blog and others I end up cursing the damn thing.

      • My next step has to be going into space, I think if I can handle this type of Mackintosh plus twitter, plus e-mail´s plus all the features wordpress offers I can handle with no problem astronaut instruments. I´ll read you from space some time who knows, touch the moon.

  2. Had to comment on the post of Sept.22, because there´s no comment section Nicole!

    There´s something melancholic about autumn. Leafs fall, weather gets colder, you know our great earth is taking you into the,hibrenating? (can´t spell it)mode. The cold is getting there so you start unpacking all your sweaters and jackets. Plus is time for raking the fallen leaves. Hurts my back.

    My favourite, Spring. The Spring that I most remember was when I was in up state New York during my senior year of highschool. Incredible, the first time I saw in my life a forest turning so many different colours, beautiful sunsets. And you new the good weather was coming. I still have engraved in my mind that season in that state. The only problem where the freaking fly´s. You would see literally hundreds of people walking and moving their arms up to their faces back down up again and swatting at something…it was the invasion of the flies. Apart from those annoying creatures, good memories. My first time ever seeing something like that coming from the desert(almost) of Spain.
    By the way, watch out with too much tanning, can give you cancer.

    • Fall is gorgeous. The leaves over here are just starting to turn red and yellow. And yes, since you clarified that you meant “fall” instead of “spring” on your other comment, that makes much more sense! I was wondering what world you lived in. Didn’t think Spain was that different! I’ve never had a problem with flies in the fall though. Ick.

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