Hospitals Hiring Robots

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Vecna’s QC Bot reduces medical errors and improves patient and staff satisfaction

The days when we’d share the world with robots as intelligent as ourselves always seemed so far away. But with the QC Bot capable of delivering medications and meals to escorting patients to their appointments, it seems as if the future is coming fast.

Benefits of the QC Bot

The QC Bot, designed by Vecna, a company that focuses on developing advanced technologies for the healthcare environment, was created to improve the logistic workflow of hospitals. Since operations in healthcare facilities need to balance time, resources, and costs, the QC Bot automates everyday tasks, such as escorting patients to appointments and delivering medications, to provide relief to the busy hospital staff, who are then able to focus on more-complex duties. With daily routines being taken care of, the self-service robot improves efficiency and reduces medical errors, gaining both patient and staff satisfaction.

QC Bot

Vecna’s QC Bot. Image via

As if the QC Bot isn’t impressive enough, it also comes with a touchscreen that allows hospital staff and patients to interact with it through different menus and workflows. The touchscreen not only makes patient check-in and completing bedside registration quicker, but it’s also capable of capturing vital signs.

A busy hospital means busy staff members, robots included. Fortunately, locating the QC Bot is easy. If doctors or nurses need items transported, like laundry, packages, or meals, they can quickly find out where their QC Bot is located. Because the QC Bot integrates with its hospital’s IT systems, its whereabouts can be communicated to workstations, smartphones, or mobile devices.

Created to travel through even the most complex of hospital campuses, the QC Bot uses advanced machine vision and computer learning technology to navigate, and doesn’t require any modifications to hospital infrastructure. Even better, this reliable robot’s intelligent guidance system requires little set-up time and maintenance.

Robots are here to stay

QC Bots are currently in use at a number of hospitals across the globe, saving time and money, and increasing both patient and staff satisfactory. With technology advancing so sharply, artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. As for these near-flawless medical ‘bots, their journey has just begun.

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