Island Rock

An article I covered for the April edition of Long Island Trends Magazine.

If you’re up for a challenging and exciting adventure, swing on over to Island Rock, Long Island’s indoor rock climbing facility located in Plainview. No matter your skill level, Island Rock has walls for everyone.

Island Rock is a state-of-the-art indoor rock climbing facility designed to imitate the real experience. The facility features 9,000 square feet of climbing, with climbing walls of 30 feet, and there are over 100 routes to journey up. There are unique walls geared towards different people, so no matter your abilities or age, you’re able to climb and learn at your own pace. At Island Rock, you’ll spot first time climbers exploring their old passion for climbing trees, to competitive, expert climbers who compete all over the world.

Island Rock

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For beginners, it’s recommended that you learn how to belay by taking a belay lesson. As a belayer, you’ll be the person on the ground responsible for ensuring the climber’s safety. You’ll be connected to the climber by a rope tied to their harness which goes over a steel bar at the top of the wall and then runs back down to you. Belaying is easier than it seems, and once you’re belay certified, you can come back to climb any day. For climbers that don’t have a belayer, Island Rock has staff belayers ready to assist.

As for climbers that have learned to belay and tie knots elsewhere, Island Rock will give you a belay test in which you must demonstrate everything you need to know to safely belay your climber.

Children as young as six years old can start climbing at Island Rock. Parties and climbing clubs are real popular for children. Island Rock has hosted a number of parties in the past, including birthdays, youth groups and schools, scouts, camps, holiday parties and even sweet sixteens. Birthday parties, being the most favored among children, include one and a half hours of supervised climbing, and pizza, water, and cupcakes. Invitations and paper goods are also included. A rock climbing party is certainly a unique and lively way to welcome a new age.

If you plan to spend the day conquering the rock walls, traditional gym attire is appropriate. Before you head out, make sure you’re wearing something that isn’t movement restricting, such as tights, sweats, or a t-shirt, along with a good pair of sneakers. Aside from proper clothing, bring your motivation and excitement to climb and you’ll be all set. Island Rock supplies the rest.

Many packages and memberships are offered at Island Rock. Beginner packages include the Quickstart Package, the most popular beginner package, and belay lessons. Both student and adult memberships are offered, for one, three, or six months, or you can choose to be a member year round. Member benefits include unlimited use of the climbing walls, Cybex training and cardiovascular equipment, member-only parties and events, and a speedy express check-in.

If you’re just visiting Island Rock for the day, you’ll receive a day pass, depending on if you’re an adult or a student, plus extra cost for harnesses and shoes.

Island Rock operates on a first come, first serve basis for lessons and staff belays. If you’re coming with a group of six or more people, there are group discounts, but since rock climbing is a thrilling way to spend the day, it’s a good idea to call ahead to see how busy the facility is at the time.

From those just learning how to belay to the champions looking to conquer the top of the world, Island Rock is guaranteed to rock your day.

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