10 Random Things About Me

1. I can lick my elbow. I’m abnormally flexible, or as many call it, “double jointed.”

2. My favorite feeling is a rush of excitement mixed with a hint of fear. This comes from things like skydiving, a crazy, super fast, loopy roller coaster, or the beginning of a race when you first begin to run. It happens when you kiss someone you’re into for the first time (maybe even the first few times), or when you’re up at bat and your team has two outs and the bases are loaded. I discovered my adoration for this feeling when I was a child, when my brothers, cousins, friends, and I would play manhunt. I got a natural high from that feeling of darting to “base” when someone on the opposite team saw me/was chasing me. Gotta love it!

3. As a child, my favorite book was Upchuck and the Rotten Willy by Bill Wallace. For a complete animal lover, there’s nothing like getting into the mind of one of them. I began writing and drawing at a very young age, and my finished products were always stories about animals (especially dogs and wolves) or pictures of them (again, mainly dogs or wolves).

4. As an early teenager, I had an obsession with astrology. Scorpios rule. Just throwing it out there.

5. For a long time, my favorite color was lime green. Now, though I hate to admit it since I’m  known to be all into green, I’m pretty sure it morphed into turquoise. Maybe.

6. I don’t like my hair. It’s “baby fine” and naturally stringy. If I could change one thing about my physical appearance, it would be to have thick hair. But it could be worse, of course. I could have no hair.

7. When it comes to physical attraction, I can never help but to become extremely clumsy and awkward around a thin guy with dark brown or black hair with green eyes. Gets me every time.

8. I have a bucket list and am set on completing it (it’s on this blog — check it out).

9. I absolutely love every one of my friends and enjoy their company very much. I befriend people with good heads on their shoulders, and having a group of friends who all get along makes me feel a part of something special (because it is!). It’s also really something to spend time with just one friend. There’s that feeling of strengthening your bond and being too comfortable around one another. It all comes from trust. It’s a powerful thing. I do have my moments when I like to be alone, though. I cherish my alone time and use it to write, read, listen to music, think, and do whatever else. You’ll never know.

10. I dislike bees. The first time I was ever stung, I stepped in a bee hive. Not pretty. I’m sorry I ruined their hive, but what in the world was it doing on the ground buried in leaves?! They should have relocated! Bees always tend to follow me around and buzz in my ear. I think they like trolling me?

I was tagged in a post by mstizzle to post 10 random facts about myself. You should do the same and visit her blog — there’s plenty to explore.


  1. 1cruzdelsur · September 30, 2011

    I can read your points of the 1 to 10, you are a woman with the multicolored heart, it can be perceived.
    Regards from very far.

  2. Nicole · September 30, 2011

    Thank you very much for your kind words!

  3. Kirsten Lopresti · September 30, 2011

    Oh no, stepping on a bee nest. That’s bad. Enjoyed your facts.

  4. Nicole · September 30, 2011

    It was beyond terrible! They went beneath my clothes and got tangled in my hair.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. mstizzle · September 30, 2011

    No way!! You can lick your elbow?! And there I was writing a post that said it’s impossible to lick your elbow. Lol! Thank you for the quick response!!

  6. Nicole · September 30, 2011

    Yes, I can lick my elbow. I enjoyed writing this post. Thanks for tagging me!

  7. thewitcontinuum · October 1, 2011

    Enjoyed reading about you! I Hate bees too, except for those big bumbly ones that fly dizzily through the air and bang into things like drunks (which I think they are) and light on all the flowers…I’d love to touch one of their fuzzy coats. 🙂

  8. Nicole · October 1, 2011

    Hahaha – drunk bees.
    Thanks for reading.

  9. charlypriest · May 20, 2014

    O.k…liking your elbow, your weird. Jumping out of planes, you scare me. Attraction to guys with dark hair and blue or green eyes, Hey! I have part of that, I have blue eyes so you can now feel awkward.

    I thought it was great that you love the adrenaline of jumping out of airplanes. I tend to seek adrenaline, don´t know why, I´m weird.

    • Nicole DiGiose · May 20, 2014

      Well now things just got awkward. Ha ha. Kidding!
      Adrenaline pumping through your body is such a great feeling! That’s not weird at all. Thanks for reading — I have to reread this one myself.

      • charlypriest · May 21, 2014

        You´re probably going to find it amusing your own writing.

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