Ways to Express Yourself

Keep a journal. It’s a great way to let your emotions flow, whether you write about your day, jot down some poetry, or  just doodle in it. It’s a place you’re sure to stay true to yourself, as well as a place where you can see how you’ve grown.

Be yourself. Trying to express yourself doesn’t mean acting like a different person. Find something that is you, whether it’s gardening, drawing, or cooking and go deep within it.

Find a place that inspires you. Maybe you like a calm, peaceful place outside where you feel free to let go of the day and think. Maybe you have a colorful room that gets your creativity flowing. Or maybe you like sitting on a bench watching the happenings of a busy place. Wherever it is, lose yourself in it.

Decorate. Having your own room is the perfect place to really make it yours. Bright colors, neutral colors, posters or paintings on the walls. An open room or a room with shelves cluttered with knick-knacks. It’s even better if you have your own house or apartment to really get expressive. Go crazy. It’s yours.

Dress. Your appearance itself can have a lot to do with self expression. Be comfortable in the way you do your hair and wear your clothes. This is you.

Music. You can play it, sing it, or listen to it. There’s nothing like a good song to let out how you’re feeling. There are songs for any kind of emotion.

Art. Draw, paint, sew, mess around with clay. Create something from your mind. There’s nothing else like it.

10 Random Things About Me

1. I can lick my elbow. I’m abnormally flexible, or as many call it, “double jointed.”

2. My favorite feeling is a rush of excitement mixed with a hint of fear. This comes from things like skydiving, a crazy, super fast, loopy roller coaster, or the beginning of a race when you first begin to run. It happens when you kiss someone you’re into for the first time (maybe even the first few times), or when you’re up at bat and your team has two outs and the bases are loaded. I discovered my adoration for this feeling when I was a child, when my brothers, cousins, friends, and I would play manhunt. I got a natural high from that feeling of darting to “base” when someone on the opposite team saw me/was chasing me. Gotta love it!

3. As a child, my favorite book was Upchuck and the Rotten Willy by Bill Wallace. For a complete animal lover, there’s nothing like getting into the mind of one of them. I began writing and drawing at a very young age, and my finished products were always stories about animals (especially dogs and wolves) or pictures of them (again, mainly dogs or wolves).

4. As an early teenager, I had an obsession with astrology. Scorpios rule. Just throwing it out there.

5. For a long time, my favorite color was lime green. Now, though I hate to admit it since I’m  known to be all into green, I’m pretty sure it morphed into turquoise. Maybe. Read More

My Life: Things Done and Things to Be Done

Last updated on 9/12/2015.



Bungee jumping

Dog sledding

White water rafting

Go for a ride in a hot air balloon




Race in a 5k

Travel to Europe

Travel to Australia

Go on an African safari

Go on an Alaskan cruise

Visit California

Raise an animal from its first few weeks of life and form a lifelong bond with him/her

Train a dog and love him because he’s a part of my family

Ride a horse

Pet a wolf

Grow my own plants

Make honor roll

Graduate college

Keep a diary and commit to it for years

Have my work published

Read my work in front of an audience Read More