My Life: Things Done and Things to Be Done

Last updated on 9/12/2015.



Bungee jumping

Dog sledding

White water rafting

Go for a ride in a hot air balloon




Race in a 5k

Travel to Europe

Travel to Australia

Go on an African safari

Go on an Alaskan cruise

Visit California

Raise an animal from its first few weeks of life and form a lifelong bond with him/her

Train a dog and love him because he’s a part of my family

Ride a horse

Pet a wolf

Grow my own plants

Make honor roll

Graduate college

Keep a diary and commit to it for years

Have my work published

Read my work in front of an audience

Memorize a poem and recite it in front of an audience

Write a story

Write a screenplay

Publish a book, or a collection of short stories or poetry (print form, so I can hold it!)

Help put together a magazine

Edit someone else’s work to prepare it for publication

Interview and write an article about an artist

Find well paying work in my field

Have my work stand out to a professor/teacher

Write a love letter and mail it

Watch the sun rise with someone I love

Kiss in the rain

Have a friend I trust just about anything with


Donate to a cause

Paint a picture


Be an extra in a movie/show

Find a career that I wouldn’t trade anything for

Pay off my student loans

Be a part of a surprise party

Cook a healthy, tasty meal for a group of people

Learn how to dance without looking like an idiot

Learn how to use chopsticks properly

Buy someone a gift just because it reminded me of them

Get a strike while bowling

Be a part of a team

Have someone who looks up to me


Win an award

See another planet through a telescope

Live in a different state

Compliment a stranger

Make someone who is unhappy laugh


  1. mstizzle · September 4, 2011

    That’s a looong list but you’ve done pretty well.
    Pet a wolf?! Hmmm…

  2. Nicole · September 4, 2011

    It’s a long one alright. I’m hoping to live a long life!
    I’ve had hand written lists I’ve saved from a few different years. I combined them all to post today. I’d love to pet a wolf. Wolves are my favorite animal. Thanks for reading.

  3. Abhishek.H.S · September 6, 2011

    nice 🙂

  4. lesleycarter · September 7, 2011

    Beautiful! Good luck 🙂
    With a list like that, I’m sure someone looks up to you 🙂


  5. Nicole · September 7, 2011

    Thank you!

  6. bunnythewabbit · September 9, 2011

    You’ve done para-sailing and sky-diving? Wow =D

    • Nicole · September 9, 2011

      Yes. Both experiences I will never forget.
      My skydiving video is posted on my blog under “uncategorized” if you’re interested in watching it. ^_^

      • bunnythewabbit · September 10, 2011

        It says the video isn’t available because you closed your YouTube account =S

      • Nicole · September 10, 2011

        I realized that yesterday. It looks like my Youtube account was hacked into. My account was deleted. Luckily I have most of my videos saved. I will have to open a new account and upload the videos I have backed up.

  7. chuckcotton · September 11, 2011

    pet a wolf – nice.

  8. Kirsten Lopresti · September 18, 2011

    Love your list! I hope you do all of it. I’d skip bungee jumping, though. I did one of those bungee chair things once, and I have never been more terrified in my life!

  9. Nicole · September 18, 2011

    Thanks, Kirsten.
    For some reason, bungee jumping scares me a bit. I was not scared while skydiving. Interesting. I still hope to do it, though.

  10. ericswyatt · September 20, 2011

    If you ever come down to Florida, I’ll take you out on the water so you can scratch Kayaking off the list.

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