Things My Dogs Taught Me

Show your love. If there is someone in your life you can’t live without, show them.

Live in the moment. Take every moment as it comes. Learn to be happy in the here and the now — don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Indulge. If you want a treat, go for it. Pamper yourself.

Don’t judge. Dogs don’t care what you’re wearing or what you look like. They don’t care about how much money you make or what kind of car you drive. They love you simply for who you are. An important lesson many people need to learn.

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Let loose and express yourself. Don’t bottle up your feelings. There are reasons for them.

Get out more often. Just about every dog gets excited when he sees his leash. There’s nothing like exploring — there are friends to meet, sights to see, things to do and learn outside of the house.

Take naps. It’s all part of the balance. Play when you’re energized, eat when you’re hungry, work when you’re required to, and rest when you’re tired.

Be true to yourself. There are reasons a yorkie isn’t a greyhound and a maltese isn’t a German shepherd. Be comfortable with who you are and what you are capable of.

There are some times when you have to bite after your bark. Defend yourself. If someone needs to learn a lesson, teach them.

Five Things I Will Never Understand

Smoking cigarettes – Why in the world would you pay so much money to cause damage to your body? Not to mention this disgusting habit affects others around you. It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve seen someone do in my life. There is no excuse to start. It’s highly unattractive, in my opinion. Love those yellow teeth, buddy.

Valet parking – Why would I pay someone to do something I can easily do myself? Some people worry about their car as it’s being driven away, too. What’s the guy doing in there? Is he going to steal something? Did I put the GPS in the storage compartment? And then you have to WAIT for your car to come back to you when you want to leave whatever fancy joint you’re at. When your car is in sight, it’s almost an instinct to scope it over for marks or dents, and when you get inside, you check through everything. Just a bit stressful.

“Checking in” on Facebook – Yeah, I’m not home right now. Come rob my house. Also, Pete Johnson and Holly Marie are with me. Be sure to break into their homes too. Look, we even took a picture to prove it.

Majoring in Liberal Arts – I understand the idea of a Liberal Arts college or university, but to major in Liberal Arts? Which sauce would you like with that?

“Reality” Shows – The Jersey Shore. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You get where I’m going. How can people become brainwashed into watching these shows? None of it is real! I don’t understand how these idiots make so much money for being idiots. I’m going to be paying off my student loans for years and can’t find full time work in or out of my field, and these pinheads can just be complete twits and become millionaires?! Seriously, what is wrong with this world?!

What are some things you can’t seem to wrap your head around?

10 Random Things About Me

1. I can lick my elbow. I’m abnormally flexible, or as many call it, “double jointed.”

2. My favorite feeling is a rush of excitement mixed with a hint of fear. This comes from things like skydiving, a crazy, super fast, loopy roller coaster, or the beginning of a race when you first begin to run. It happens when you kiss someone you’re into for the first time (maybe even the first few times), or when you’re up at bat and your team has two outs and the bases are loaded. I discovered my adoration for this feeling when I was a child, when my brothers, cousins, friends, and I would play manhunt. I got a natural high from that feeling of darting to “base” when someone on the opposite team saw me/was chasing me. Gotta love it!

3. As a child, my favorite book was Upchuck and the Rotten Willy by Bill Wallace. For a complete animal lover, there’s nothing like getting into the mind of one of them. I began writing and drawing at a very young age, and my finished products were always stories about animals (especially dogs and wolves) or pictures of them (again, mainly dogs or wolves).

4. As an early teenager, I had an obsession with astrology. Scorpios rule. Just throwing it out there.

5. For a long time, my favorite color was lime green. Now, though I hate to admit it since I’m  known to be all into green, I’m pretty sure it morphed into turquoise. Maybe. Read More

My Life: Things Done and Things to Be Done

Last updated on 9/12/2015.



Bungee jumping

Dog sledding

White water rafting

Go for a ride in a hot air balloon




Race in a 5k

Travel to Europe

Travel to Australia

Go on an African safari

Go on an Alaskan cruise

Visit California

Raise an animal from its first few weeks of life and form a lifelong bond with him/her

Train a dog and love him because he’s a part of my family

Ride a horse

Pet a wolf

Grow my own plants

Make honor roll

Graduate college

Keep a diary and commit to it for years

Have my work published

Read my work in front of an audience Read More