Turn your iPhone into a mouse for your iPad

The TabiMouse app transforms your iPad into a cloud-based PC

If you’re an Apple aficionado with an iPhone and iPad, the free new app by Tabitop might come in handy. Called TabiMouse, the app is able to convert your iPhone into a Bluetooth iPad-friendly mouse. The only catch is you must be willing to use your iPad as a cloud-based PC.


The TabiMouse app transforms your iPhone into a mouse for your iPad. Image via Gizmag.

How it works

Since the TabiMouse app transforms the screen of your iPhone into a laptop-style trackpad, you simply slide your finger on the iPhone’s screen to correspondingly move the cursor on the iPad’s display. To select between left and right mouse clicks, tap the phone’s glass with either one or two fingers. You can even scroll, drag and drop, and zoom in and out by performing the gestures on your iPhone’s screen.

App details

Because the app enhances tablet productivity, it eliminates the need to carry multiple devices. It allows you to run full versions of Windows-based features and programs, such as Microsoft Office, on either a Windows 7 or 8 platform.

Subscription prices for the app’s service start at $3.99 a month, which includes 35Gbytes of online data storage. Tabitop also has two professional versions for users who need more computing power, speed, and online storage. Now you can use your iPad for everything, without compromise.

Interested in this app? Download it for free on iTunes.

Written for Electronic Products.

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