iPhone 6: The phone that bends

Watch out – the new iPhone 6 can come with an unexpected design flaw

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem: the iPhone 6 bends. Claims of the excessively flexible phone have been reported across numerous tech blogs and mainstream media. Apple addicts aren’t pleased, and so far, the company hasn’t said a thing.

So what’s causing the beloved iPhone 6 to be bent out of shape? Trouser pockets. For those shoving their phones into their pockets and going about the day, that’s what’s causing the phones to become warped. Apple is marketing the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus as the thinnest smartphones it’s released — both models are less than 0.3 in. thick — so there’s only so much the phones can physically handle. Because they’re both made of machined aluminum, they possess the quality of ductility, making them pliable but not breakable.


Bent iPhone 6. Image via CNET.

Out of the millions of units already sold, only a handful of them have been reported to be bent, but that doesn’t mean the issue is something Apple should ignore. Read More

Turn your iPhone into a mouse for your iPad

The TabiMouse app transforms your iPad into a cloud-based PC

If you’re an Apple aficionado with an iPhone and iPad, the free new app by Tabitop might come in handy. Called TabiMouse, the app is able to convert your iPhone into a Bluetooth iPad-friendly mouse. The only catch is you must be willing to use your iPad as a cloud-based PC.


The TabiMouse app transforms your iPhone into a mouse for your iPad. Image via Gizmag.

How it works

Since the TabiMouse app transforms the screen of your iPhone into a laptop-style trackpad, you simply slide your finger on the iPhone’s screen to correspondingly move the cursor on the iPad’s display. Read More