How to clean the summer grime from your phone

Sure, a good phone case will protect your device from damage, but it can’t prevent debris such as sand, water, and grease from sneaking in there and wreaking havoc. The summer has just begun, and since your phone travels outdoors with you, you might want to keep these tips in mind in case your phone somehow winds up in a messy situation.





Let’s face it, the beach and your phone aren’t a good mix. It’s hard to see the screen in the bright sunlight, and worst of all, if you make one wrong move and your phone winds up on the ground, the sand will easily make its way into the cracks and crevices and can damage the inside of your phone.

If sand gets in your phone, make sure to turn it off before cleaning it, and use a small can of compressed air to blow the sand out of the phone’s most sensitive spots. If you don’t have a can of compressed air handy, a vacuum with a small crevice tool can do the trick.

Another tip: Before heading out, make sure you have a screen protector on your phone, since sand can easily scratch the screen. If you don’t have a screen protector, cover your phone with plastic cling wrap to keep it safe – the touchscreen should still work.





Water is another threat to your phone during your stay at the beach, and luckily there’s a cheap and safe way to protect it: a good old Ziplock bag. It’s as simple as that, but if you’re not fully reassured, waterproof phone cases are also available.

But what if you forgot your baggie and nearly drowned your phone anyway? First off, remove the battery and SIM card and place your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice as soon as you can. The rice will absorb the moisture from your phone. The only downside to this trick is that you may have to leave your phone there on bed rest for a few days.





The summertime calls for barbeques and eating all kinds of food outdoors. This can spell trouble for your phone, thanks to your oily fingers. Trying to avoid finger smudges on your screen can seem impossible, so, again, a screen protector for your phone is well worth it. If you manage to get a lot of greasy residue on your phone, wipe it down with a lint-free microfiber cloth. As for the hard-to-reach crevices, use a cotton swab to remove the oils.





Regularly cleaning your phone can clean the dirt buildup that may be accumulating inside, but if it’s been too long or you somehow managed to drop your phone in a pile of dirt, peel off a piece of scotch tape and press it over the area to pick up the grime. You can also lightly dampen a soft cloth to wipe it down.






Dust can also easily buildup in your phone if you let it. You can prevent this from happening by using a small can of compressed air. Just like dealing with getting the sand out of your phone, you can also use a vacuum with a small crevice tool to clean it out. In a short amount of time your phone will be dust-free and look good as new.

Have you ever found your phone in such an unfortunate situation? Do you have another tip to share? Let us know – leave a comment below!

Originally written for Electronic Products.


  1. charlypriest · June 27, 2014

    I have to say that knowing myself and how many phones I´ve damaged throughout the years, these where great tips. And the best one, putting the phone in uncooked rice, who would have though about that, only you it seems. Those where cool and very useful tips for a lay man like myself.

    • Nicole DiGiose · June 28, 2014

      Hey Charly, thanks! I”m glad you find these tips useful. I know the rice trick works because I’ve done it before. It took two days, but my phone was all healed up.

      • charlypriest · June 28, 2014

        It sure was an interesting one and, see? sometimes we have to revert to the old times, even now in a world of information technology.

      • Nicole DiGiose · June 30, 2014

        You got that right!

  2. Zachary @zacharykreid · July 18, 2014

    Great tips, thanks Nicole! I know that rice has worked wonders for me and that sand is a nightmare for phones (and clothes, cars, etc.)! haha, thanks again!!

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