Change of Seasons, the Ability to Read, and Phones

The tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis brings about three glamorous seasons (and one bitch of a season); reading is crazy and connects our human selves — seriously, understanding a bunch of weird-figured symbols is nuts; and phones — you wouldn’t be a modern-day human without one — and face it, it’s pretty much an extra body part now that entertains you and rescues you from awkward situations.

How to clean the summer grime from your phone

Sure, a good phone case will protect your device from damage, but it can’t prevent debris such as sand, water, and grease from sneaking in there and wreaking havoc. The summer has just begun, and since your phone travels outdoors with you, you might want to keep these tips in mind in case your phone somehow winds up in a messy situation.





Let’s face it, the beach and your phone aren’t a good mix. It’s hard to see the screen in the bright sunlight, and worst of all, if you make one wrong move and your phone winds up on the ground, the sand will easily make its way into the cracks and crevices and can damage the inside of your phone.

If sand gets in your phone, make sure to turn it off before cleaning it, and use a small can of compressed air to blow the sand out of the phone’s most sensitive spots. If you don’t have a can of compressed air handy, a vacuum with a small crevice tool can do the trick. Read More