Hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat with your smartphone

Yes, there is now an app for that

Listening to the sweet thumping of your unborn baby’s heart is a magical moment for any parent. With the latest version of Bellabeat, the company behind the iPhone-enabled fetal heart-rate monitor, you can listen to your little one’s heartbeat whenever you’d like.


Listening to your unborn baby’s heartbat is easy with Bellabeat. Image via Mashable.

The new handheld device is a baby heart rate monitor that easily attaches to your smartphone via cord. You simply plug it in and place it on your belly and information from your womb is sent to the corresponding Bellabeat app. In just seconds you’ll be listening to your baby’s fluttering heart through your phone’s speakers, and through the app you can record the heartbeat and share it with family and friends.


Bellabeat can track the number of times your baby kicks. Image via brit.co.

With Bellabeat you can also track heartbeats per minute, the number of times your baby kicks, and how its weigh changes over time. The app can organize important information as well, such as doctor’s appointments, health records, and trimester milestones.

According to Bellabeat co-founder Urška Sršen, the company is in the process of developing more features for the app, including blood pressure, nutrition, and activity trackers.

The latest update to Bellabeat is available to the app’s iOS users and a similar update for the Android version will roll out this summer. Bellabeat is currently priced at $129 but the app doesn’t cost a thing. For more information or to order, visit bellabeat.com.

Written for Electronic Products.

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