Millennials want self-driving car features

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Study shows that Generation Y is pushing for driverless cars

A survey conducted by Accenture found that Millennials, also known as Gen Yers, are pushing for driverless car development. The survey covered 14,000 drivers in 12 countries, including the United States.

Google Self Driving Car

Google’s self-driving car, pictured above, has driven 300,000 miles.

While there is an ongoing debate about the safety of driverless cars, 90% of the survey respondents expressed interest in some autonomous driving options, which were primarily safety-related.

Since Millennials make up about a third of all U.S. drivers and are the rising generation of car buyers, they’re currently the top target for automakers looking for new customers. The Gen Yers favored the following features in their future vehicles:

82% want automatic braking systems that stops the car in an emergency

76% want automatic braking systems that prevent hitting an object

72% are most interested in collision-warning systems

71% percent want fully automatic parking

48% want lane-keeping systems

Driverless Car Entertainment

Driverless cars could allow travelers to make more productive use of their time. Image via

Not only do Millennials seem to be more comfortable with the idea of driverless cars compared to their older counterparts, technologies that make the driving experience more pleasant, such as Internet access and entertainment options, will also play a role in their vehicle purchase. This will force automakers to devote more time into producing better iterations of these products.

The survey also revealed that Millennials are twice as likely to choose a car based on in-vehicle technology options rather than its performance.

Story via MSN.

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