iPhone 5s outselling the iPhone 5c

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Apple’s iPhone 5s is overselling the iPhone 5c by a ratio of two to one

Back in September Apple launched two new iPhones: the anticipated, high-end 5s and the colorful, lower-priced 5c. According to a new analysis by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the 5s has been blowing away the lower-priced 5c in the United States – with more than double the sales.

iPhone 5s outperforms iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Image via theinquirer.net.

The survey conducted by CIRP shows that the 5s accounted for 64% of iPhone sales following its launch at the end of September. As for the 5c, it only accounted for 27%, and the now legacy iPhone 4s took up the remaining 9%.

According to Apple, the iPhone 5c was intended as a mainstream phone and the iPhone 5s as an enthusiast one, or “the most forward-thinking smartphone in the world,” meant for forward-thinking people. But what’s most surprising is the iPhone 5c’s sales performance. Despite the phone being new, bright and bold, it’s not selling much better than the 4s did when it was demoted to a legacy iPhone by the show-stealing iPhone 5. The new 5c seems to be taking on a similar role to that of the 4s from last year in becoming the new $99 iPhone.

CIRP iPhone Sales

Image via cirpllc.com.

Right from the get-go the forward-thinking iPhone 5s has proven to be favored over the stylish iPhone 5c. According to reuters.com, Apple has told manufacturers of the 5c that it will cut orders of the smartphone for the final three months of this year. Analysts said this shouldn’t hurt the supply chain since the decision by the increasing amount of consumers to spend more money on the 5s model can only benefit Apple.

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Story via allthingsd.com.

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