Light Up Your Life with Video-Game-Inspired Lamp

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Add some 8-bit magic to your home with the touch-activated, sound-emitting Question Block Lamp

Remember the good old days of playing video games for countless hours without a care in the world? When making money meant hitting boxes with your fist and defeating Bowser to save Princess Peach made you feel accomplished? Now you can bring a piece of your childhood to life with the timeless symbol of your glory days with the Question Block Lamp by 8-Bit Lit.

Turn the touch-activated light on with your hand or head (if you’re real serious) and watch as it illuminates the room with the sound of a coin reward that will transport you back to the times of 8-bit gameplay. Energy efficient LEDs and retro graphics will add the familiar glow to any space, day or night.

8-Bit Lit Rooms

Any room looks good with a Question Block Lamp! Image courtesy of Kickstarter.

The magic behind the lamp

The Question Block Lamp is extremely sensitive to touch, as capacitive-touch sensors are integrated into the circuit board. So if you’re not a pro at using your head or fist to light up the room, a single fingertip will do the trick. The lamp is made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so it can beat the wear and tear that’s expected from supercharged uppercuts.

The easy-to-install mounting kit that comes with the lamp ensures that the 20-foot cord hugs your wall and ceiling, making this nostalgic gadget ridiculously simple to setup. All you have to do is hang the mounting kit and plug in the lengthy power cord and you’ll be reminiscing about the golden days of old school gaming. The lamp is lightweight and small — about 6 x 6 inches — and its power supply is 100 to 240 V compatible.

8-Bit Lit

The Question Block Lamp is easy to set up and is built to take on supercharged uppercuts. Image courtesy of Kickstarter.

How to get one

The Question Block Lamp is currently being funded through Kickstarter. If successful, 8-Bit Lit will have enough funds to scale up production and price their lamps (mounting kit and shipping included) at $49 each. According to the team behind the project, everything is lined up and ready to go in a modern, clean facility — they just need your support.

For updated information on the Question Block Lamp and to help out, visit 8-Bit Lit’s Kickstarter page.

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