Light Up Your Life with Video-Game-Inspired Lamp

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Add some 8-bit magic to your home with the touch-activated, sound-emitting Question Block Lamp

Remember the good old days of playing video games for countless hours without a care in the world? When making money meant hitting boxes with your fist and defeating Bowser to save Princess Peach made you feel accomplished? Now you can bring a piece of your childhood to life with the timeless symbol of your glory days with the Question Block Lamp by 8-Bit Lit.

Turn the touch-activated light on with your hand or head (if you’re real serious) and watch as it illuminates the room with the sound of a coin reward that will transport you back to the times of 8-bit gameplay. Energy efficient¬†LEDs¬†and retro graphics will add the familiar glow to any space, day or night.

8-Bit Lit Rooms

Any room looks good with a Question Block Lamp! Image courtesy of Kickstarter.

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