Lumio, the book that transforms into a lamp

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

LED lighting fixture folds out of a hardcover book

Disguised as a hardcover book, Lumio has content that will light up your world. Lightweight and portable, this lamp can give any room character.

Perfect for modern living, Lumio’s pages are actually brightened by cordless, dimmable LED modules that can easily travel anywhere with you. To turn on, simply open the book and Lumio will bloom into an illuminating, flower-like functional device. The LED modules emit 500 lumens, so a fully fanned Lumio is slightly brighter than a 40-W bulb. To turn off the light, just close the cover, and this lamp can blend in on any bookshelf.


Lumio can fan out into different shapes. Image via

What’s inside

The interior body of the lamp is made up of water-resistant, recyclable DuPont Tyvek. In the cover are industrial grade Neodymium magnets to maintain flexibility and portability, and they also make it easy to mount Lumio onto metal surfaces. When fully charged, the built-in lithium ion battery provides eight hours of battery life, even with continual use.

As your lighting needs change throughout the day, you can adjust Lumio’s brightness to your comfort. The book’s flexible spine design allows you to easily adjust the angle, so there’s no flicking a switch or pushing a button to tone down the lights. You can also mold this adaptable lamp into many shapes and sizes, and it will stay exactly how you place it.

On the outside, Lumio’s FSC certified wood covers come in three finishes: blonde maple, warm cherry, and dark walnut.

Other details

The environmentally friendly Lumio eliminates the need for multiples of the same light source. Because of its compact quality, this simple and timeless design has many uses. You can use Lumio as a stylish table lamp, an outdoor lantern during a camping trip, and, of course, Lumio can shed some light as you’re reading before bed. Really, you can use this modern lamp in any way that you want.

For more information on Lumio, check out the video below, or visit

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