Tips To Make A Bad Day Good

Exercise. This always works for me. Go for a run, ride your bike, do yoga, walk your dog. Endorphins can reverse a bad mood in no time!

Go to sleep early. It’s true that things usually get better in the morning. It’s a fresh start for a new day.

Talk to somebody you’re close with. Vent to someone who understands you for some comfort and good advice. Getting negative thoughts off your chest will help clear your mind.

Do something for someone else just because you can. This will automatically make you feel better about yourself. It’s magical.

Make a happy list. Remind yourself of everything that makes you smile. There’s nothing like triggering positive memories or goals you know you can reach.

Get fresh air. Sometimes all you need is a step outside to breathe and collect your thoughts.

Change up your look. Buy some new clothes or style your hair differently. When you look good, you feel good.

Snuggle with your significant other. Being reminded that you are loved and cared for will brighten up any lousy mood.



  1. Can I snuggle with significant others? has to be only one? Damn.
    Good stuff, I actually use 4 of these, 1 exercise=go for a run,keeps me in shape plus if something is not working out and I´m pissed off it´s my way of venting instead of hitting a random person in the street. 2 do something for others= my case family, one person is sick so not being so self centered takes away bad thoughts in your life and you use your energy in a much better way. 3 trigger positive memory= on top of my old rusty Mac I have a list that in general lines brakes down how the day is going to go in respect to work the process to reach my goal. 4 take a breather= go outside which I do except my breather is a cigarette, but I can still smell the leaves.
    P.S: maybe it´s useful, check it out it´ll take you less than a minute to read

    • Hey charlypriest, whatever makes your day that much better.
      I agree that running is a better way to deal with stress/anger rather than hitting a random person in the street. That would be…a bit extreme and unnecessary! Other than that thought, you seem to know how to better any bad day in a safe manner.
      Thanks for sharing that article. That’s awesome, though I’m not surprised. I feel that technology (including robots and drones) are going to be such a big part of the future, way more than they already are today. I see many positives and negatives.
      Again, thank you for checkin’ out my blog!

      • Agreed when you say that you see many positives and negatives, but I guess it´s like everything since at the end of the day it´s human beings using that technology, so some will use it for good others for bad.

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