Little Women Blackout poem

A blackout poem I created from a few pages of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, Little Women.


People, you know, envy girls fond of luxury

Man of the Sea learned to carry her without complaining

So light

Good spirits

Blue neck-ribbon, dressing her hair

looking nice, pretty or not

Bits of fun now and then


On the sofa,

comfort with cat and three kittens

Trying to finish a letter, for being up late didn’t suit her boot-lacings and her hat

Drowned, scrambled, quiet, distracted in her letter

Momentary lull, broken

Two hot turn-overs on the table

Hot pies comforting, no matter how busy

Cuddle cats – rascals, angels

Looked back at the window,

 nod, smile, wave her hand

It seemed they couldn’t have got through the day without that; for whatever their mood might be

Last glimpse like sunshine

Kissing her hand to serve right, satisfaction in the snowy walk and bitter wind

from the depths of the vail

like strong words, that mean something,

flying away


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