A feature article I wrote in September 2010 on a journalist I attended SUNY Purchase College with.

Junior journalism major Lisa Eadicicco always had an interest in writing. Her adoration for making stories from the written word stems from her childhood.

“In third grade I’d love when we had to write stories with our vocabulary words for the week,” she said as she flipped her long hair behind her shoulder. “I took a creative writing class in my senior year of high school and I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun,” she said. “We wrote fiction, screen writing, bits of everything.”

She said her interest in music has also been a big inspiration for her writing.

“I played the drums in a band in junior high and I played the guitar as a freshman in high school,” she said with a smile, eyes squinted beneath brown bangs. “I was into magazines like Spin, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press.  I’d love to write for them,” she said. “Now that I’m really into journalism, I’d write for any publication.”

Eadicicco said when she first got into journalism, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but decided to major in it because she liked to write. “In journalism, it’s all about the hard facts and to me that’s interesting,” she said.

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A feature article I wrote in September 2010 on a musician I attended SUNY Purchase College with.

Singer-songwriter, Mikey Ballou, a junior composition major from Westchester, looks up in thought. His bleached blonde hair dangles over his eyebrows.

“Flexibility is important,” he says. “The music conservatory here offers more flexibility than most programs in other colleges. I don’t want to be limited to playing one instrument. I want to be in the studio and I want to record every instrument.”

He shakes his head and the hair over his eyes moves to one side. “I can network here. It’s nice to be in an environment where there aren’t 800 other musicians. Competition isn’t magnified as much.”

Ballou says he was exposed to music since he was a baby. He gives credit to his father, a professional musician, who he says he got his ears from. He considers himself independent from his father but it wasn’t always that way.

“My dad forced music on me ever since I was a kid and it sucked for the first few years. I wasn’t interested.” Read More

Who I Remind “Them” of

It’s happened to everyone. Someone you know, someone you just met, a complete stranger — “You know who you remind me of?” It can be a compliment or it can make you totally self conscious. It can be based off of your looks or things you say, anything that’s a part of you that reminds someone of someone else. Here are the people and animals, yes, animals, that I’ve reminded “them” of…

Bérénice Bejo. This is my most recent one. She stars as Peppy Miller in The Artist. Two nights ago, I was eating lasagna with my family and my grandmother, who recently watched The Artist, told me I reminded her of “the actress in The Artist,” and said, “She’s even got the mark on her face.” She told me we have the same facial expressions. I’ll have to see for myself.

Phoebe Buffay. I wasn’t sure how to react to this one. I see Phoebe, from the show Friends, as a doof who can be overly clumsy and annoying. I was never much of a big Friends fan, though I do enjoy the show and have seen enough episodes to form my opinion on Phoebe Buffay. While irritating at times, she can be funny because she doesn’t care about what the people around her think about her actions, openness and honesty. I think that’s what my father’s friend meant when he said I reminded him of her. We were in a public place when I blurted out something unladylike, but I was just speaking my mind. Makes sense to me.

Cheshire Cat. Almost everybody knows that grin.  Apparently, I’ve got it. A few years ago, I worked at a plant nursery, and my assistant manager told me numerous times that the way I smiled reminded him of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. He said it always looked like my mind was was up to something behind that wide smile. You never know!

Avril Lavigne. “Oh my god, you look like Avril Lavigne.” “Hey Avril!” “Where’s your sk8r boi?” I’ve heard it all. Especially when I was a teenager. I dressed in a similar style, wore dark eyeliner, and dyed my hair lighter. I was seriously called Avril at least twice a week. When I was a teenager, I could agree. But these days, since I’ve ditched that look, I don’t really see it. Last year, though, while traveling Europe with my brother and his friend, his friend never called me by my real name, but, instead, of course, Avril.

Matilda. You know, the little genius brunette girl with the magical powers in the movie, Matilda, from the ’90s. My first boyfriend’s mother was convinced that I was somehow related to Mara Wilson. She called me “Matilda.” She even wrote it on Christmas cards. I’ve never heard her use my real name. She said everything about me reminded her of that little girl. The only resemblance I saw was the brown hair. Oh, and the magical powers.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel. According to many, I resemble Jessica Biel, and I seem to get that more as I grow into a mature looking adult. I take that as a very big compliment because physically, Jessica Biel is in top-notch shape. And to top it off, she has a dazzling personality. I’m nowhere close to a carbon copy, but that compliment is always a complete happy mood booster.

Who do you remind people of?

The Nico Blues Heat Up The Vibe Lounge

An article I wrote for

The Nico Blues, an alternative rock band from New Jersey, heated up The Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre Friday night. They pulled in a crowd of a variety of ages.

The band is made up of Eric Goldberg and Evan Campbell, both vocalists, guitarists, and bassists, Reed Adler, guitarist and bassist, Skylar Adler, drummer and recording engineer, and Dan Goldberg, guitarist. The guys rotate instruments depending on which song they play. The band was founded in 2009, but they have been sharing and writing music with each other for years. Growing up in the same neighborhood, the five of them were friends by the time they were six and seven years old.

The Nico Blues played six of their songs Friday night, opening with “Mugshot In Princeton,” which is on their upcoming EP, followed by “Living Proof,” which the band considers to be their most successful song. The video for “Living Proof” was picked up by MTVU. The audience rocked their bodies and tossed their heads to the intense harmony, wearing stickers on their clothing the band handed out before the show. Read More