Five Tips to Make Each Day Count

Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count. 

Express yourself

Paint Nite Creations

My boyfriend and I took a fantastic painting class, after not painting for years. It was pure fun.

Everyone has a creative side, and you don’t have to be a van Gogh to express that. Allowing yourself time to be creative opens the opportunity  to express yourself with activities you enjoy, and you very well may surprise yourself. There are plenty of ways to express yourself, including making music, painting, drawing, planting flowers, fixing cars, writing, or photography. And those are just a few, of course. Stimulate your mind!

Try something different

Tim Trapeze August 2013

My boyfriend, Tim, at our trapeze class in the summer of 2013. Exhilarating.

Whether it’s skydiving, shark-diving, trapezing, parasailing, volunteering at the animal shelter, sitting in on a new class, running a mile, cooking a big meal, or writing that novella, there are so many extraordinary things this world has to offer. There’s an infinite amount of learning and experiences to be had, and all you have to do is step outside of your comfort zone to open your life to rejuvenating, exciting adventures.


June 2010 NYC

Me acting like a weirdo as one of my best friends took my picture in Manhattan in 2010.

Everybody knows that an eye-tearing, stomach-aching laugh can bring immense joy to ourselves and those around us like like nothing else. As children, we laughed with ease. In fact, most of us seeked fun or funny things on a daily basis. As adults, we often need reminders to allow ourselves to be silly and see the humor in everyday situations. Bonus: laughter is also good for your health. Research shows that laughter may strengthen your immune system, and it reduces stress. Read More

Jawsome Adventures in the Shark Tank: My Shark Dive Experience

Mark Cuban’s got nothing on these sharks!

Yesterday I went to the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center and made quite the splash. In other words, I took a chunk of my most recent paycheck and put it towards being locked in a cage and reeled down into a tank swimming with sharks — eight of them to be exact.


So why did I put myself in this oh-so-dangerous situation? Why would I want to spend 20 minutes under water with nurse sharks and sand tiger sharks with only pieces of metal in between us? My first answer is because it’s not your ordinary daily activity — it’s an adventure — I felt alive down there, doing some crazy thing for the first time. Life is all about experiences, and this bucket-list-esque want of mine was possible, so I did it. I’ve also gained respect for these cold-blooded creatures. Having them inches away from my face, seeing their strongly-built swaying bodies and rows of sharp teeth is a powerful thing. It made me feel small and great at the same time. In the wild I’d never get this close to these magnificent creatures! So there’s that.


So about the dive itself. Read More

San Francisco Highlights

The Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco: the city of the diverse. Somewhere I belong. One of my dream spots. Last September when I was itching for an adventure and needed some change, I piled up enough dough to plop myself on a plane headed to the west coast. Sick of the fast-paced, I’m-better-than-you ways of the east coast (at least in New York), one of my brothers moved out there and landed himself quite the fantastical job (in San Fran, you’ll need that). So I figured, “Hey, I have a place to stay, now’s a great time to visit!” I stuffed some clothes in a bag, grabbed my boyfriend, flew through the air, and in a matter of hours, we were on the other side of the country. Our first vacation together.


We drenched ourselves in rosé, Pinot noir, chardonnay and the like in Sonoma in the mountains while playing Bocce, surrounded by breath-taking scenery; we went to a San Francisco Giants game (where a sea gull pooped on my head during the seventh inning); we took a ferry out to Angel Island and Alcatraz Read More