Little Women Blackout poem

A blackout poem I created from a few pages of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, Little Women.


People, you know, envy girls fond of luxury

Man of the Sea learned to carry her without complaining

So light

Good spirits

Blue neck-ribbon, dressing her hair

looking nice, pretty or not

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I wrote this poem in 2008 when I worked at a dog boarding kennel. It’s about remembering the dog I grew up with.

It smells like her, that collar

Once tangled in fur,

now a decoration to my room

and a memory for my heart

Foggy, but I can remember

the first time I saw her

Like a frightened bear cub

hiding under kitchen table

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Fighting with Myself Because of You

An old poem of mine that I recently rediscovered while cleaning my room.

Maybe they’re hard to tame because

they’re invisible

I feel them living in me

On me like a bad itch

in a difficult place

I want to pick them off

like fingernails

But my brain is an


and my heart thinks they’re


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