10, 9, and 7

10, 9, and 7

Ten years ago at this time
we were together
Probably at the top of the stairs, bringing inanimate objects to life, without a care in the world
10, 9, and 7
Imagination, something that is now strange to imagine having, the way we once did
We might have been climbing up the snow-covered slide, when it was a mountain
Tomorrow, we would do it again
10, 9, and 7
Thought growing up was a rumor
All we knew were 10, 9, and 7
Best friends with the same blood
10, 9, and 7
When I was the tallest, 10
Rarely looked in a mirror, was a foreigner to many emotions
Not a doubt in my mind, we could fly if we wished it
10, 9, and 7
Didn’t need technology. Just undeveloped minds
Back then, when we craved fun, we looked to each other
10, 9, and 7
Our minds lived off of each others’
Limited words, but more to talk about
10, 9, and 7

One comment

  1. Crackerjack · February 18, 2010

    10. 9 and 7 ( Nicole, Eric and Ryan ) VERY Good !!

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