12 Festive Things You Can Do for the Holidays

The holiday season has officially begun! Here are 12 magical ideas to get in the spirit this winter.


If you already haven’t, decorate your home

 There’s nothing like kicking off the season with wreaths, ribbons, a sparkling tree, or some glistening candles by the frosty window. Of course, the best way to decorate is to…

Crank up those catchy holiday tunes 

Although you may be sick of “Feliz Navidad” by the end of December (since the music most likely started near Thanksgiving), once the holiday season has officially started, the music is a must to get you jingling with joy.

Cozy up and watch a classic holiday movie

Home Alone, anyone? How about It’s a Wonderful Life? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a must! You have to watch at least one holiday flick to fully experience the season.

Chase away the cold with a warm drink

Mmm, hot chocolate with whipped cream on a chilly day — with marshmallows. Or a candy cane! Enough said.

Play in the snow

Odds are that if you live in an area where you normally get snow in December, you’ll hate it by March. So take advantage of the magical holiday season and build yourself a snowman.

Catch a seasonal play at the theater

Whether it takes a trip to the classy theater or it’s performed by the kids at the local high school, a holiday-themed play such as The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol will always get you in the warm, fuzzy spirit.

Drive around to look at the Christmas lights

It’s pure fun to cruise around the local streets with your family or friends to catch a glimpse of the colorful lights displayed throughout town. Bonus points if you’re rocking out to the best tunes of the season while doing so.

Throw or attend an ugly Christmas sweater party

What other time of the year is it appropriate to dress in hideous attire and knock back sugary holiday drinks? It’s the perfect time to have fun being a misfit.

Do a secret Santa exchange with family and friends

The thrill of involving yourself in a secret Santa gift exchange is that you never know what to expect, and you can also have fun making or picking out a gift idea yourself. The way this typically works is that everyone’s names go into a hat, and then everyone picks a name out of that hat — the name of the person you pick is the person you buy a gift for.

Go ice skating

There’s nothing like twirling around Rockefeller Center, but the local hockey rink works just as well. So bundle up and laugh the night away on skates, whether with friends or that special someone, because skating during the holidays just seems right.

Send cards to friends and family

Who doesn’t like holiday greetings? The Grinch maybe, but the Christmas spirit sure got a hold of him, so, that leaves us with no one! Spread the cheer with a personal hand written card to your loved ones this year.

Learn about a holiday that’s not the one you traditionally celebrate

There’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and hey, you can’t forget about Festivus for the rest of us. Learning about different celebrations and traditions may open your mind to new ideas this wonderful holiday season.



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