Sprangled.com is Open to Submissions

Here on Earth, a lifetime isn’t forever, so it’s important to live to the fullest, creating life-growing memories to look back on. Inspire and be inspired — take that chance and don’t wait for the second one. Be proud to share that snippet of your existence, because adventure is the best way to learn.


Hi fellow bloggers! I’ve created a new website, sprangled.com, and it’s open to submissions! It’s all about coloring in life and sharing experiences, no matter if it’s about your hike up a mountain, crafts you’ve designed, or a review on one of your city’s events — I’d like to showcase your awesomeness.

You can read more about submitting here or simply email hey@sprangled.com with your story and images.

As always, thank you for reading!



  1. charlypriest · September 26, 2015

    Hello Nicole, so would it be o.k if I could make submissions about the towns here in Spain more specific around the outskirts of Madrid, old but full o history towns.

    • Nicole DiGiose · September 26, 2015

      Hi Charly,

      Of course! Some information on things to do, or even just some history (and images!) about areas located on the outskirts of Madrid sounds fantastic.

      • charlypriest · September 26, 2015

        Great, since there is a town called El Escorial, which a lot of American university students come during the summer. Maybe you´ll find it interesting.

      • Nicole DiGiose · September 27, 2015

        Definitely! 😀 I think many people would find it interesting.

      • charlypriest · September 27, 2015

        So what do I do, I send you an email and you decide or how does this work

      • Nicole DiGiose · September 27, 2015

        Yes, pretty much! This is fairly new and it’s been tough getting submissions, so I appreciate this! You can send it to the email address listed here: http://sprangled.com/index.php/bloom/

        Thanks a bunch!

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