Wearable tech makes your skin function like a tablet

Ready or not, the future has arrived

Recently there have been many new additions to the wearable technology market, but the Cicret Bracelet really jumps out from the crowd. What’s so different about it, you ask? Well, it projects a touchscreen onto your arm.


Image via Cicret.

Though it’s probably likely that most people aren’t pushing and shoving to try this one out, the reasoning behind it is this: By having a touchscreen displayed on your arm, you can very easily access and work your apps without having to take out your phone. So far it seems to work similar to the way you’d view information on a tablet.


Image via Cicret.

Currently this project is still in its prototype phase and has not officially launched. As for the technology crunched into the bracelet, it uses a Pico projector to project your phone’s screen onto your arm, and it’s equipped with eight proximity sensors, which makes it possible for the bracelet to detect your finger position while you’re controlling the device.

This futuristic gadget also features its own processor, storage, vibration feedback, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and will be available in 10 different colors.


Image via Cicret.

In an attempt to make their dreams come true, the bracelet’s developers are asking for donations on their website. They’re also in the process of developing a companion app called the Circret App.

Mind blown? Check out the video below to see the Cicret Bracelet in action.

Written for Electronic Products.

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