Wine by the Glass: Because Giuliana Rancic Doesn’t Believe in Wasting Wine

Style-star and E! news anchor Giuliana Rancic plunged into the competitive wine industry with her latest project, Xo, G this past November, and it’s making quite the splash. The stackable single-serving wine is the perfect portion for when you need that one drink, without worrying about spoiling the rest of the bottle.

While a regular bottle of wine has its place and time, there are many situations where it just doesn’t cut it. Inside the four tear-apart individual packages of Xo, G, which add up to a 750ml bottle, you’ll be able to sip on French Pinot Noir, Italian Pinot Grigio, and a Rosé from the South of France. It’s an easy way to avoid the hassle of a corkscrew and glassware, and you’ll be set with different portable glasses of wine. Simply zip loose the sleeve, snap apart the glasses, and peel back a foil to enjoy.


So where did this brilliant idea come from? According to Rancic, it was after discovering StackTek, a single-serving packaging company, that she began thinking outside of the bottle. “Being Italian I have always wanted my own wine, and once I saw this packaging I reached out to the StackTek team and Xo, G was born,” she said.

Within 24 hours of posting a picture of herself opening the bottle on Instagram announcing her fandom for the idea, not only did she turn many heads, but she got the attention of Walmart. “I couldn’t believe the response,” she said. “It made me think that there were a lot of women out there that thought this idea was just what they needed.”

Aside from the eye-catching glasses stacked on top of one another, Xo, G is wrapped in a pretty pattern of Xs and Os, making it visually striking. Because Rancic sees her product as an extension of herself, its style had to be fabulous and chic, and of great quality for her fans. “I sign my Tweets ‘Xo, G’ and wanted my wine to be from me to my fans,” she said. “Like a gift with a note.”

The three wines Rancic started out with are fresh and true to their regions. The Pinot Noir is a medium to lighter bodied wine that’s well balanced with a smooth, silky finish, along with hints of red berries and morello cherry. Balanced with citrus and notes of mango and peach, the Pinot Grigio pairs perfectly with salad, seafood, and chicken. And although the Rosé is dry, it’s bright and drinkable, with a round, berry-like palate and a crispy clean finish. Rancic said the mixed pack of Xo, G, which includes two glasses of Pinot Grigio and two glasses of Pinot Noir, are great for holiday or hostess gifts, especially when someone wants a white, and their partner prefers a red.

When it comes to narrowing it down to a favorite glass, for the wine-loving Rancic, it isn’t that easy to pick out just one. “I honestly can’t pick my favorite; it all depends on the mood, food, and occasion,” she said. “Rosé is great for that happy hour refresher, I love the Pinot Grigio at lunch with a salad, and the Pinot Noir is great at night with dinner.”

In love with this idea as much as we are? Xo, G is rolling out to over 1,200 Walmart locations across the nation, and these fancy bottles of wine retail for under $10.


Written for Chilled Magazine

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