High-tech pill box reminds you to take your medication

Liif makes monitoring the medicine routines for yourself or a loved one simple

Now that it’s easy to take the Internet and a plethora of electronics for granted, it’s safe to say that the future is officially here, especially with the introduction of digital medication management. The Liif pill box from Tricella was created to remind you to take your pills and it will also keep tabs on the doses you’ve taken and the ones you’ve missed.

The space-age-looking box is supplied with much more than meets the eye. It’s equipped with Bluetooth-NFC and sends data to your smartphone — simply tapping the box to your phone will set-up the pairing of the system.


Once you’re using a paired Liif box, you can view your medicine schedule, what you’ve already taken, and when the next dose is needed.In case you take multiple medications, the system allows several Liif boxes to be paired with a smartphone. Batteries are required for the box, but according to the creators, the box can last more than a year on one battery.


Image via PSFK.

What if you don’t have a smartphone? No worries there, since the Liif pill box is also usable for someone who doesn’t have a smartphone. To get connected, you’d have to buy a Tricella Hub, which is equipped with Bluetooth-NFC and setting up is the same. Just a tap of the two devices is all it takes to get tracking your medication schedule. The Hub receives information from the Liif in order to upload it to the Internet, so for those monitoring the medication dosages of a loved one, this means you can log on to Liif to access his or her medical routine.


Image via PSFK.

There are currently two kinds of pill boxes available from Tricella: the Liif Today, which has four chambers, and the bigger Liif This Week, with seven chambers. Each box is spill-resistant and running tap water over the box is enough to clean it.

Visit tricella.com to pre-order.

Story via PSFK.

Written for Electronic Products.

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