Electronic bracelet can charge your mobile devices

Charge your devices with style using the QBracelet

Wearables are all the rage lately, tracking your life and making things easier, but now they’re on to something greater: charging your mobile devices. The sleek and shiny electronic bracelet, called the QBracelet, promises to do just that.

Although it looks like nothing but a nice piece of jewelry, within the QBracelet you’ll find a micro USB connector for Android devices and a Lighting connector for the iPhone. Depending on the device that’s being charged, the company behind the bracelet, Q Designs, claims its internal lithium-ion battery will deliver a charge of up to 60%. It takes nearly 90 minutes to charge, and lasts about 30 days in standby mode.


To charge their devices, users can simply pull open the bracelet to access the USB connector. The battery level and charging state is shown using four LEDs that are hidden above the connector in the bracelet. While charging, the LEDs blink to show the current charging level.

But how about the battery charger wrapped around the user’s wrist – wouldn’t it get hot? According to Q Designs, the bracelet will get a tad warm, but nothing uncomfortable, as the company specifically set safety measures in place to prevent the bracelet from getting too hot.

The stylish device, which is also water resistant, is available in black, silver, and gold, and comes in three sizes: small (1.23 ounces), medium (1.41 ounces), and large (1.59 ounces). The devices will begin shipping in December with a retail price set for $99, but if you’re quick enough to grab one during the pre-order phase, you’ll get it for $79.

Story via Mashable.

Written for Electronic Products.

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