Replace credit cards with an electronic wallet

The next generation of payment works anywhere your cards are accepted

Most of us carry around wallets stuffed with multiple credit cards and IDs, making them hard to find and easy to lose. With the high-tech smart wallet called the Wocket from NXT-ID, you can securely store electronic versions of your various plastic cards so you don’t risk misplacing them or having them stolen.


Swipe your cards into the Wocket to store your data.

To begin, new users swipe all of their magnetic-striped cards into the Wocket, which records their data and stores it in its onboard memory. Non-striped cards such as loyalty cards with barcodes can even be scanned, and up to 10,000 cards can be stored on one Wocket. This smart wallet also features a swipe-able physical card that can be programmed for single uses, and with an added accessory, it can also carry cash.


The Wocket allows you to store all of your plastic cards into one organized electronic wallet.

To make a payment, users can select the desired card on the wallet’s touchscreen after using a combination of a pin number and various biometrics to verify their identity. The Wocket then pairs with the merchant’s payment system once it authenticates it, all without connecting to a smartphone or Internet access. The wallet is fully self-contained and its power is supplied by a single coin cell battery.

Although the retail price has not yet been announced, NXT-ID plants to launch the Wocket on May 28th. For updates along the way you can visit

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