High school students put an end to watery ketchup with a 3D-printed cap

Two teenagers solve an old problem with a new ketchup cap

As you stand above your burger with that squeezable ketchup bottle, you quickly become disappointed with the unpleasant watery liquid that shoots out before the actual condiment itself. Luckily, two high school students put their heads together to design the 3D-printed ketchup-dispensing invention we’ve all been waiting for.


Thompson and Richards’ 3D-printed ketchup bottle solution. Image via geek.com.

Teenagers Jonathan Thompson and Tyler Richards of Missouri created a bottle replacement cap that forces the ketchup away from the top and into a small tube at its center, which the ketchup then squeezes out of. After a number of prototypes, the two settled on a mushroom-shaped cap to separate the water that settles at the top of the bottle from the thick red paste.

The pair first sketched out their idea on paper, then designed their invention with CAD software before printing it on a 3D printer. For now, they’re having fun with their smart solution, and there is no word yet whether they plan to bring the product to market.

Written for Electronic Products.


  1. Zachary @zacharykreid · May 16, 2014

    Cool idea. I don’t think it would have a personal market but if they could sell it (or the plans) to a Heinz, or large company such as that, it would mean huge $$ !!!
    – Zachary from http://quickmeups.com

    • Nicole DiGiose · May 16, 2014

      I agree. I hope they sell to Heinz! It would be a smart move on their part. Thanks for reading!

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