Turn your ordinary gloves into touchscreen compatible ones

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Liquid solution transforms all gloves into touchscreen gloves

If you own a touchscreen device and wear gloves, Nanotips is the best solution to poking your useless, bundled up finger on your screen. Formulated using nanotechnology, Nanotips is a conductive polyamide liquid solution that transforms ordinary gloves into touchscreen ones by mimicking the touch of human skin.

Nanotips Glove

Not only does Nanotips upgrade any pair of old gloves, it can also be used to restore existing touchscreen gloves, which wear out over time. With enough liquid in each bottle to treat multiple gloves, you don’t have to be limited to the select few that have touchscreen compatibility. Depending on what you use your gloves for, each application of Nanotips can last from a couple of weeks to a few months, and when it wears off, all you have to do is simply re-apply.

There are two kinds of Nanotips solutions available: Nanotips Blue and Nanotips Black. The Blue solution treats 15 fingers on average and is designed specifically for fabrics. It dries to a transparent blue, making it nearly invisible on colored gloves. This formula soaks into the fabric to create a conductive bridge between your finger and the touchscreen device.

Nanotips Solutions

The Black solution treats up to 30 fingers and is tailored for thick materials such as leathers and rubbers. Though it does work for all materials, Nanotips Black may alter the texture of fabric gloves. This formula works in two ways: it either creates a conductive layer on the surface of your glove, or, like Nanotips Blue, it soaks into the fabric and creates a conductive bridge between your finger and the touchscreen device.

From hot summers to chilly winters, Nanotips is functional in every season. It’s the perfect touchscreen solution for military and biking gloves, and is tough enough for thick snowboarding and skiing gloves. No matter the weather, no matter the glove, all you have to do is shake, apply, dry, and use.

Visit the Nanotips Kickstarter page for more information.


  1. Kirsten Lopresti · February 20, 2014

    Enjoyed the article, Nicole. This product would be useful for texting outside on bus stops during this very freezing winter!

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