Wearable camera saves important moments right after they happen

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

meMINI is the world’s first wearable Wi-Fi camera with recall

Many special moments in our lives tend to happen without warning, and we’re usually wishing we had a camera to save those cherished memories forever. Enter meMINI, the world’s first wearable Wi-Fi-enabled camera with recall, which allows you to save meaningful occasions in high-definition video right after they happen. With meMINI you can preserve once in a lifetime memories and everyday moments such as wedding proposals, your child’s first words, or the joke your friend shared that had the whole room laughing.

meMINI Camera

Capture any special moment with meMINI. Image via memini.com.

Using meMINI

Because it’s small, light, and comes with magnetic back plates, meMINI can be worn on clothing, and looping footage is recorded every five seconds to five minutes. When you want to capture a specific moment, a press of the recall button on the device stores the most recent loop of video. On a full charge, meMINI can loop video for three continuous hours. The idea behind the camera is not only to preserve live action memories, but to cut down on editing when processing the video later on.

When setting up meMINI, you can choose to store video on a 32-GB internal memory card or transmit the video into cloud storage. Once stored in the cloud, you can open the iOS or Android companion application and upload stored videos to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or video services such as YouTube. You can also share your videos through email and the meMINI community.

Device details

meMINI includes an 1,800-mAh battery that keeps the camera active and recording. To transfer video files to a laptop or desktop computer for editing, there’s also a USB 2.0 output. If you’d like more than 2 GB of cloud storage, you can purchase it directly from meMINI.

The developers of meMINI are raising money for the camera on Kickstarter, and the device already surpassed its original funding goal of $50,000. For more information, visit memini.com.


  1. charlypriest · January 26, 2014

    Holy molly, This looks more for a James Bond type of guy. A bit pricey, how do they intend to mass market it? I like the idea of cutting down on editing and that the machine basically shoots by itself.
    I bet there will be some people saying “There is no privacy now a days.” And they are probably right, your always watched. Pros and Cons of technology, Pros outweighs the Cons overall.
    Is there a specific time/year they tend to put this on the market?

    • Nicole DiGiose · January 26, 2014

      Hey Charly, thanks for reading minutes after I posted this! For the most part I agree that there isn’t much privacy these days, and yes, the technology nowadays is extraordinary (and I believe there is still so much us “average” people don’t know about). I can’t find information on memini.com about when this will be on the market, but you can pre-order the camera on the website. It surpassed its goal on Kickstarter recently, so I’m sure more news about it will be available soon.

      • charlypriest · January 26, 2014

        Always interesting read.

      • charlypriest · January 26, 2014

        I read it so quickly because I just changed all the people that I follow to send “instantly”their posts to my e-mail, since I´ve fallen off the grid for some time I wanted to read as much as I could and your´s came first. Glad it did though.

      • Nicole DiGiose · January 26, 2014


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