Top tech mobile apps of the year

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Electronic Products looks back at its most popular mobile app articles from 2013

It’s 2014, meaning that by now, there are probably multiple mobile apps for just about everything. Because there are all sorts of handy apps that make life much easier, and the fact that our Inspiration Awards are quickly approaching, Electronic Products highlighted some of the top mobile apps for tech geeks and electrical engineers alike.

Surv, the crowdsourcing camera-mapping app

Surv app screenshot

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? If so, Surv is the app for you. By encouraging users to post locations and information of cameras in their cities, this handy app can help you detect traffic cameras, red-light cameras and even well-hidden police cameras.

Visit for more information.

Simple ‘n Easy, the go-to app for Electrical Engineering 101

WAGmob S&E

With the Simple ‘n Easy app by WAGmob, electrical engineering students can easily learn the basics of electrical engineering in an organized manner. Aside from its glossary packed with information, features include tutorials, quizzes and flashcards.

Visit for more information.

Circuit Lab, the app that allows you to draw circuits on your phone  

Circuit Lab App

Graphically draw circuits on your mobile device and have them analyzed with this handy app. Each circuit can contain capacitors, diodes, inductors, resistors, Zener diodes and more.

Download the app from iTunes.

VNC viewer, the app that lets you access your computer via mobile device

VNC Viewer

On vacation and need to access your desktop? VNC Viewer can connect your iOS or Android device to your computer in seconds, as long as your computer is running the VNC-compatible server technology. With its many features, navigating your desktop from afar is anything but a hassle.

Visit realvnc.comfor more information.

Resistor Calculator, the app that eases beginners into understanding resistors

Resistor Calculator

As the most commonly used component in electronics, any beginning electrical engineer should understand all there is to know about resistors. The Resistor Calculator app will equip any beginner or hobbyist with the knowledge they need.

Download the Resistor Calculator now.

ShareKey, the app that allows you to unlock your door by waving your smartphone


Not a fan of key rings? Easily misplace your keys? With ShareKey, leaving your house and worrying about your keys is a thing of the past. With the wave of your smartphone, you can have the easiest access to your home.

Learn more about Sharekey.

Garmin’s heads-up display

Garmin App Head-Up

Along with a mobile app and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, Garmin’s heads-up display gives you turn-by-turn directions right on your windshield. The projection can either go on a transparent windshield film or an attached reflector lens.

For more information on the heads-up display, visit

INSTEON, the app that gives you access to your home from anywhere


Miles from home and can’t remember if you dialed back the thermostat? With the INSTEON app you can check its status and have control over other parts of your home even if you’re miles away.

For more information visit

Satellite Watcher, the app that tracks man-made space objects

Satellite Watcher

Wondering what that shiny object was that you caught a glimpse of in the sky? Satellite Watcher can help you find out. This app is free to download and it tracks the 150 brightest man-made objects in space that can be seen with the human eye.

Download Satellite Watcher to see what’s soaring overhead.

iTranslate Voice, the app that lets you speak a different language in seconds 


If you’re traveling to a different country and don’t know the language, iTranslate Voice will have you covered. For less than a dollar, this nifty app will quickly translate words, phrases and texts, and it can do so for more than 30 languages and dialects.

For more information, visit

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