Five memorable tech services that will be left behind with 2013

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

The ever-changing tech world is constantly improving, meaning that for some services, it’s time to go

The tech world is always improving, and with improvement comes change. Below is a list of websites and services that were once highly respected and used by many, but are gone as of this year, or are coming to a close as 2013 winds down. As many predict what future technology will bring, it’s just as important to reflect on what we’ve grown from.

Google Reader

Web giant Google announced that its beloved RSS reader, Google Reader, was being shut down earlier this year, shocking its group of loyal followers. However, the company was generous enough to give its devoted users three months to find an alternative feed-reading service. No question about it, millions were sad to see Google Reader go.

Google Reader

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As of July 2013, has been shut down. The website was founded in 1995 and is recognized as one of the world’s first popular Internet search engines. With the rise of other search engines such as Google, AltaVista lost ground and was overtaken by Yahoo! in October 2003. Now the URL redirects to the Yahoo! homepage. RIP AltaVista.


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After a 15-year run, AOL announced that its old school media player, is set to shut down on December 20th. The website’s popularity quickly grew with the developing trend of MP3 file sharing, and it currently has an estimated user base of millions worldwide, with only a fraction living in the United States. After closing down, there will be no trace of the once popular media player, as downloads will no longer be available. The closing of Winamp truly marks the end of an era.


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Google Checkout

This past November, Google Checkout checked out. According to Google, the decision to shut down its online payment processing service was not made lightly, but the company decided its focus was best concentrated in other areas of the payment space. Google will not be offering a replacement processing solution for physical goods, and recommends Google Wallet, its mobile payment system, to those who used Google Checkout.

Google Checkout

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Facebook’s thumbs-up icon

Social media giant Facebook recently gave the thumbs down to its thumbs-up ‘like’ sign. In a few weeks, Facebook will toss its thumbs-up sign in favor of a simple blue and white button with the word “Like” on it. Over the past few years, Facebook has made it easy for websites to include the Like and Share buttons seen by millions on a daily basis, and the two terms are now ingrained in Internet culture, which is one of the reasons Facebook is dropping its iconic thumbs-up sign. Like it or not, it looks like we’ll have to get used to yet another Facebook design change.

Facebook Like Thumb

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Lost or losing a special tech service this year? It’s okay, we can talk about it. Leave a comment below.


  1. charlypriest · December 17, 2013

    The facebook thing is ridiculous in my opinion. Don´t know what the marketing guys are thinking, they´re probably bright guys, maybe it cost them less, who knows, but it seems stupid to me.
    Interesting things.

    • Nicole DiGiose · December 21, 2013

      I love the Facebook thumbs-up sign! I’m not entirely sure what the company’s reasoning is for getting rid of it, but it’s certainly changed the Internet. I’m also a real-life thumbs-up kind of person. Always looking for a positive moment to flash my thumbs. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      • charlypriest · December 21, 2013

        As always my pleasure, you have some interesting articles, I´ve read them,haven´t commented on them….don´t wan´t to look like a stalker(wink wink) but I like all that technology things.

      • Nicole DiGiose · December 22, 2013

        Thank you!
        You wouldn’t look like a stalker!
        I have to check out your blog — haven’t stopped by over there in a little while.

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