Headphones scan brainwaves to match music to your mood

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

To create the perfect soundtrack, Mico headphones use a brainwave sensor to detect the wearer’s emotions

Before that song even has a chance, you hit the “next” button on Pandora, even if you previously gave it a thumbs-up. Then, most likely, you continue to do so until you’re at your limit. The new Mico headphones from Neurowear turn things up a notch. By scanning your brain, these headphones can select a song based on how you’re feeling.

Mico Headphones

Image via gizmag.com.

Protruding from the front of these bulky headphones is an EEG (electroencephalograph) sensor, which allows the headphones to analyze the wearer’s brain patterns and determine their mood. Once the wearer’s state of mind is detected, their mood is matched with a suitable song.

When plugged into a smart device running Mico’s app, the headphones play a song from Neurowear’s database of about 100 songs, based on the wearer’s emotions.  The sides of the earpieces also light up to show when music is playing, and even display symbols depending on how the wearer is feeling, such asZzz, if they happen to be tired.

The fact that these headphones can pick out the perfect kind of song for your mood by scanning your brain is mind-blowing. It’s like Pandora but easier, because your subconscious chooses the music. This definitely comes in handy when all is right in your world, since having your own personal upbeat soundtrack can only boost your self-esteem. If you’re feeling down or suddenly lose your cool, supposedly these headphones are smart enough to choose an appropriate song to alleviate negative emotions and help keep you level-headed.

It’s difficult to say how accurate the Mico headphones are, since Neurowear has not yet released them (or a price point), but for more information on how they work, you can watch the video below.

Story via gizmag.

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