One World Coffees

One World Coffee Beans

Driven to take on the world each morning, my brother, Eric DiGiose, and a good friend of his, Derek McLeod, wondered, “When did the morning coffee become a trenti-mocho-choco latte?” After years of sipping on sub-par coffee, drenched in extra cream and loaded with sugar, the two of them began to brew up something real.

One World Coffees is sourced directly from farmers. Their coffee beans aren’t mass grown, processed, or held in storage, but are slow-roasted and shipped fresh within 24 hours. One World Coffees isn’t another company selling “gourmet” coffee, but, as Eric and Derek say, “It’s a revolution.” It’s coffee the way it should be.

Each month features a new 12 ounce bag of coffee from a different country. There are three plans available to choose from for $17 a month. There’s the Light plan for those of you who like it smooth, the Dark plan for the bold, and the Tour plan for you adventurers out there, with the beans varying from light to dark. If you want to give the beans a try before purchasing, there are sampler bags of five, eight or 10 ounces at reasonable prices.

To start your day fresh, grab a taste of the world at


  1. Kirsten Lopresti · December 12, 2012

    One World Coffees sounds awesome. Love that it’s sourced directly from farmers.

    • Nicole · December 12, 2012

      Thank you Kirsten! My brother will be happy to know that. I like that it’s sourced directly from farmers too. It’s better for the farmer and for your body. None of all that processed gunk.

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