Snacks That Will Make You Miss The ’90s

DunkAroos – More cookies than frosting, every time. Tasty, but as a kid, I was disappointed when I had to scrape up what was left of the frosting tucked into the corners of the little square to get my fix.

Handi-Snacks – I don’t know about that “real” cheese, but I’d day dream of these things as I waited in the classroom for lunch time.

Gushers – No question about it, these explosive treats were in every kid’s lunch box.

Fruit By The Foot – You always had the longest one, even if you really didn’t. Looks of envy swung your way if you whipped out this edible, artificially flavored rope of plastic.

Fruit Roll Ups – Who didn’t enjoy unraveling these masterpieces to pop out Nickelodeon characters, Sonic the Hedgehog, or some random made-up shape? Unfortunately, there were those who just stuffed them in their mouths without appreciating the designs sketched into them.

Welch’s Fruit Snacks – Bursting with flavor, there were always handfuls to share with the pairs of hungry eyes around you. Always something to marvel at when some of them were stuck together.

Lunchables – Made you feel like you could cook. Lunchables seemed more like real food compared to what the other brown-baggers discovered. There was a moment of pride when you slapped that glossy piece of turkey on that giant cracker and topped it with that overly bright slab of cheese. The half-filled packet of special sauce gave it that extra kick.

Trix Yogurt – Sweet and swirly. Loaded with sugar and who knows what else, but it  seemed like a healthy option.

Go-Gurt – This was a hit during my final years of elementary school. Though these suckable yogurts grossed me out, they weren’t bad when eaten frozen.

War Heads – The one who could hold that crazy sour black War Head in their mouth the longest was all the talk at recess.

Air Heads – It was truly amazing how a teacher could control a rowdy class by holding up just one of these. I remember my classmates waving these things around as fast as they could because, supposedly, that made them shrink. It was magic. But why would you want to shrink your Air Head? When I was finished I wanted another. And that mystery flavor…what was it?

Hot Fries – Couldn’t stop eating them, even when my eyes were watering and I felt like a fire-breathing dragon. Then I’d lick the crumbs from my fingers.

Potato Stix – Greasy + salty + crunchy = satisfying. They’d always hurt my stomach after, but I couldn’t help sticking my little hand in the bag to keep eating.

Wonder Ball – These little spheres of excitement included a toy at first, then candy and a sticker inside. So much fun to bite into. And that song…

Baby Bottle Pops – Another one of ’em with a ridiculously contagious song. Mmm. Artificially sweetened powder. Had to have it, baby.

Push Pops – It was annoying when the candy would get stuck and you couldn’t push it up anymore and you’d have to stick your tongue into the yellow tube of plastic, sometimes scraping the sides of your tongue. The lollipop of champions.

Ring Pops – Messy but tasty. Not to mention it made you so much cooler if you sported one of these sticky delights around your finger.

Bubble Tape – Created the best bubbles, even though the flavor would die after four seconds.

Hi-C – Numerous flavors tasted the same and they all failed to quench your thirst, but Hi-C was the only liquid that fit with the elementary school lunch.

Surge – This stuff made every kid bounce off the walls. Seriously, we were all cracked out. I remember an uproar when it was discontinued.

No matter which decade you grew up in, everyone had a favorite snack. What was yours?

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