1. 1cruzdelsur · October 17, 2011

    Thanks for sharing with us …

  2. mstizzle · October 22, 2011

    Now I feel like seeing the whole movie again!!! I loved it! Still love it! Second best after The Little Mermaid. Sigh…

  3. Nicole · October 22, 2011

    Rafiki is filled with wisdom. The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie! Robin Hood is close behind it. Never was much of a Little Mermaid fan. Sebastian is cool though.

  4. demonsking19 · November 12, 2011

    hakuna matata “_”

  5. RoseCityRemona · December 25, 2011

    Ha ha ha! Now I’m learning my wisdom from tunes….I love life!

  6. Nicole · December 26, 2011

    Though everything happens so quickly in The Lion King, the characters are so strongly developed and we can learn something from them. I never realized it much as a kid, but when I watch movies from my childhood, most of them really have meaning to them, while being entertaining at the same time. I think The Lion King shares lots of wisdom, mainly through Rafiki.

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