Change of Seasons

The cotton candy sky above the highway wasn’t as pretty

as your hand on my wrist, when you told me I was flawless

You’d be at the door in one of your gray shirts

Damp hair and clean shaven

I thought you only smiled at me that way

The flowers bursted and the warm air pat me on the back

when I had enough, when I was finally brave

June wasn’t right without love; the longest days of the year

Autumn’s crisp breath is sweeping away what is left of August

Green skies are folding the days early

You were like Winter

Fresh and cozy

Different—no two snowflakes are alike

You were cold

And you’re getting close to me, again


  1. denise Kolanovic · August 19, 2011

    Hi Nicole,

    I like this poem. You use many sensory words and interesting images. Did you link on to the poetry calendar?

  2. Nicole · August 19, 2011

    Thank you, Denise! I emailed them and asked to be on the list. I haven’t heard back.

  3. goodbyereality411 · August 21, 2011

    I like this poem. “green skies are folding the days early, were my favorite lines.”

  4. Nicole · August 22, 2011

    Thank you! I’m quite proud of that line!

  5. fifiiiii · September 3, 2011

    I love this poem, Nicole. x

  6. Nicole · September 4, 2011

    Thank you. That makes me very happy! 🙂

    • Fifii · September 7, 2011

      Any time. It reminds me of when I was small and I used to buy candfloss outside school

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