I wrote this poem in 2008 when I worked at a dog boarding kennel. It’s about remembering the dog I grew up with.

It smells like her, that collar

Once tangled in fur,

now a decoration to my room

and a memory for my heart

Foggy, but I can remember

the first time I saw her

Like a frightened bear cub

hiding under kitchen table

Fragile body grew into sturdy paws

Thick coat, black, perky ears

White smudged on chest

Address around neck jingled

Clumsy, obedient

Guarding entrance to home

Her voice echoes in absence

when a visitor approaches

Reality: nothing but a doorbell

Adjusting to life without a shadow

Not your average wound

Next time I said that name like I used to,

Had to take out C19

Responded to: Yogi

Fenced-in field, me and him

Breathing on my legs, dangling pink

Didn’t want to play pointless game

I smiled. Familiar

Storm in my eyes

Wasn’t expecting rain

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  1. B Gourley · July 28, 2011


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