Nerdy Jock

An interview of a classmate in my journalism class (February 2010).

Scott Duwe, a 21-year-old journalism major is half jock and half geek. He’s come a long way to stand where he is, being that SUNY Purchase is the third college the Long Islander has attended.

Compared to SUNY Farmingdale and University at Buffalo, Duwe says, “Purchase is really chill, really small. That’s why I like it.” He also says that unlike his previous schools, Purchase offers great Journalism classes, and pursuing a career in Journalism was always something he was drawn to do.

“Sports are my life and my passion,” Duwe says. “I’ve been a ticket plan holder for the Yankees for years. I go to about 10 to 15 games a year.” He dreams of one day being a sports broadcaster. Although he has no specific favorite sport, he says, “Baseball is my favorite sport to play, and I’d like to cover it.” Remaining a true sports fan to his state, he says that his three favorite sports teams are the New York Yankees, the New York Rangers, and the New York Jets. “I live and die with my teams,” he says.

“I’m a jock when it comes to sports, but I really am a nerd. I’m just a big geek.” He shares that the first word he had spoken wasn’t the typical “mama” or “daddy,” but instead, “turtle.” As a toddler, Duwe was a fan of the cartoon that aired on television in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He says that Raphael is still his favorite character from the show. Next to the turtles, he also enjoyed Power Rangers. To this day, he still catches some episodes by downloading them off of the internet.

“Video games hurt my studies,” Duwe says. “I have all three systems: Play Station, Xbox, and Wii.” He claims to have been sucked into games for hours.

Duwe says that he can also be labeled as a music geek. He loves all kinds of music, especially rock. “One minute I’ll be listening to Bullet For My Valentine, the next thing you know, it’s Biggie Smalls,” he says.

Duwe once was devoted to a band that he had formed with some friends, where he sung lead vocals. He became irritated when the band fell apart, after the drummer decided to call it quits.

Television is also something Duwe can not get enough of. His favorite movie is The Departed. His favorite shows consist of 24, Entourage, The Sopranos, which he greatly misses, and Jersey Shore, because he likes making fun out of how ridiculous it can be.

“I love Spiderman,” Duwe says. He favored the hero ever since he appeared in comic books years ago. He says that he has saved each Spidey comic book he had set his eyes on.

Duwe enjoys spending time hanging out with his friends. He’s always up for a fun party, he wants to travel to Las Vegas, and he enjoys drinking (especially now that he is 21), but will never have a sip of a Long Island Iced Tea again. According to the honest man, “Long Island Iced Teas taste like butt.” He was not satisfied with that drink on his birthday.

Duwe’s parents live at his home in Wantagh, Long Island. He looks up to his father, who he says is a very hard working man. He has one older brother, who is age 27, and an “annoying” rat terrier named Pudge.

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