Getting Crafty: Sweet Love Notes in a Jar

Got somebody who makes your heart leap and dance and twirl about like everything’s going to be perfect forever? Instead of just telling them, use your pretty hands and selfless mind to craft something meaningful for your sweetie. Writing out short, thoughtful love notes in a self-decorated jar is a lovely, personalized gift sure to make both hearts flutter.

That’s my idea for V-Day anyway. I’m big on hand-crafting shared, cherished memories whenever I get the chance. I spent my yesterday in the craft store, Michael’s, browsing the aisles, coming up with too many ideas than my brain could handle. One idea I’ve been wanting to breathe life into for a while now was having a jar or bottle and filling it up with words of adoration. Luckily I have myself a gem of a man, so I got to work on my project for our fourth Valentine’s Day together. Read More

Sweetie, Purchase My Valentine

A short article I wrote in my journalism class at SUNY Purchase on Valentine’s Day 2011.

The total spending for Valentine’s Day is expected to hit $15.7 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation. On average, a person will spend over $116.21 on the holiday.

For SUNY Purchase students, there is quite a range on what they’ll do, and the amount of money they’ll spend on their sweetie, for Valentine’s Day.

“Tonight, my girlfriend and I are making pizza,” said Nick Sciretta, junior drama studies major. “It’s a cheap and fun dinner. We don’t need to go overboard. Spending time together is special enough.”

Phil Gallo, SUNY Purchase alum said, “I’ll probably spend about $75 on gifts for my girlfriend. Maybe a little more.”

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