Living the High Life: Mountains, Waterfalls, and Zip-Lining

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When most people think of North Carolina, what typically comes to mind is farmland — a state that’s not typically a destination, but rather one you drive through or fly over. While North Carolina’s largest cities, such as Charlotte and Raleigh have plenty to explore, there’s nothing quite like escaping to mountain country.

Triple Falls

Pictured above is my smiley self in front of the 125-foot waterfall, Triple Falls, located in the DuPont State Forest in Cedar Mountain. After a scenic three-mile hike, the rushing sound of water drew me in to this wild wonderland, and it was powerfully stunning.

Triple Falls Stream

Just standing in front of Triple Falls in the misty air is enough to get any adventurous spirit bursting with life. The location is also where scenes from the 2012 movie, The Hunger Games, was filmed (Woohoo, District 12!). Read More