My Super Powers

Some cool super powers I wish I could have.

Teleportation – Being able to be anywhere in the world (even beyond the world!) in the blink of an eye would be absolutely astounding. I could see so much without the hassle of planning and getting on a plane or a boat or a crazy super rocket ship and at no cost. Just think it and explore it. If I’m running a little late for something, whoosh, not anymore!

Invisibility – I don’t mean to sound like a creep, but sometimes I want to watch people when they think they’re alone. Not during any of those private moments, of course, but in the way that this super power defeats what I want out of saying I want the ability to read minds. Watching someone when they’re at their most honest points, alone, seeing their actions says a lot about them. So don’t invade their minds (that’s too private!), just hang out in their room with them (totally not in a creep way) and find your answers through their actions. Invisibility would also come in handy while investigating something, or when you have one of those moments when you just want to vanish.

Flight – Who wouldn’t want to be able to take off into the blue? Flying at your own pace would be so peaceful and freeing. The closest I’ve been to flying was when I went skydiving, and the rush was incredible. Once the second parachute was pulled and we slowed down, the view was breathtaking and having the time to let the experience sink in was phenomenal. So if I want to just casually fly to work or to a friend’s house, I can float over, see what’s going on below, and enjoy the ride.

Time Travel – Nothing like learning about something than actually being there or doing it yourself.  Chuck those bogus books out the window and get in your time travel machine. The big bang theory, dinosaurs (turn on your invisibility when you come across the velociraptors), Benjamin Franklin. I’m not sure how I feel about sneaking into the future though. That would be unfair, but definitely helpful, when it comes to certain things. That would just turn the world into a mess, I believe. It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it. So let’s only time travel to the past. Educational purposes only. Now that I think about it, you should be invisible at all times so that you don’t interfere and mess up the future (this reminds me of A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and you should read it).

Healing with a touch – A sick person or a wounded animal, right in front of me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. If I could heal with a touch, I’d be able to restore them to their healthy self and we’d all be happy. Then comes the thought of extreme over population, but in a world of super powers where there’d be invisible people and others time traveling and teleporting off the planet, it would be fine.

Having the perfect amount of money when I need it – $26,000 for a Toyota FJ Cruiser, $60,000 for a Master’s degree, $60 to fill up my gas tank, $28.73 for dinner and drinks, how about some giant cannolis? Do you like cannolis? I’m not much of a fan, honestly, but here, take ’em. Have ’em all, they’re on me, don’t worry ’bout it. No matter how much something costs in this money-run world, I wish I could have the exact amount I need at that very moment.

What do you think? Which super powers would you like to have and why?