Spinlet, the iTunes of Africa

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Spinlet is a mobile music service that brings media distribution to emerging markets in Africa

This past week Electronic Products spoke with the CEO of Spinlet, Neil Schwartzman. Known as the “iTunes of Africa,” Spinlet brings you the world of African music, including tracks from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and more. With Spinlet you can discover the latest in African music, create playlists, and share your favorite tracks. Wondering what’s so different about Spinlet compared to other music distribution companies? Read on to find out.

Neil Schwartzman, CEO, Spinlet

Neil Schwartzman, CEO of Spinlet.

Electronic Products: Where did the idea for Spinlet come from?

Neil Schwartzman: Digital is the future of entertainment. Music fans all over the world are choosing to listen to their music when and where they want. The inspiration for Spinlet came from identifying this, but also the need for local musicians (wherever they reside) to have an easily accessible, affordable showcase for their talent that can reach more people and from which they can instantly start generating revenue.

Targeting emerging markets such as Africa where online services are developing and growing exponentially also made it easier to roll Spinlet out, especially as the African diaspora around the globe enjoy accessing the sound of “home.”

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