Siri vs Google Now

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

The battle of the digital personal assistants

Touchscreens are now the standard for phones and voice recognition is the next big thing. Since advances are being made in wearable technology such as the smartwatch and Google Glass, we’re most likely going to need to talk to our mobile devices much more often. Though voice recognition isn’t perfect yet, this opens the debate as to which digital personal assistant is better: Apple’s beloved Siri or Google’s sophisticated Google Now?

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First let’s take a look at Siri, who’s been getting smarter with each version of the iPhone that Apple churns out. One great thing about Siri is that it’s always a button press away, even if you have another app open. Always ready to assist, the intelligent voice was created to do things for you, including setting up calendar events, creating personal reminders, placing phone calls, launching apps, playing music and answering questions honestly, no matter what they may be. Siri can even update your Facebook status and send out your tweets on Twitter. Overall, this trusting confidant has been found pretty useful. Read More