Instantly speak or understand foreign languages with portable voice translation device

An article I wrote for Electronic Products.

Sigmo revolutionizes the way you communicate and understand other languages

If you’ve spent time traveling, it’s likely that you’ve came face to face with a very confusing language barrier. For most of us on the go, learning another language doesn’t easily find itself a place in our busy schedules. With the Sigmo Voice Translation Device, you don’t have to worry about picking up on any foreign lingo, as it’s ready to translate your voice for you.


With the touch of a button, Sigmo translates your voice into a foreign language. Image via

Equipped with a microphone and speaker, Sigmo connects your iOS or Android device over Bluetooth and records and translates your voice into one of 25 languages. By using services such as Google Translate to decipher what you say, Sigmo plays back the translation in your language of choice just seconds after you speak. Read More