High school class creates prosthetic hand for 9-year-old girl

A high school class at Boylan High School, IL is using a 3D printer to create a prosthetic hand for Kylie Wicker, a 9-year-old from nearby Roscoe, IL, who has been upset about other children staring at her underdeveloped left hand.


Kylie Wicker. Image via ABC.

Kylie’s parents, Jeromy and Sharon Wicker have considered getting their daughter a prosthetic hand before, but their insurance would only cover 80% of the cost for a single prosthetic. Since it’s so expensive, the Wickers were planning to wait until Kylie was older and had stopped growing to buy the prosthetic. But once Jeromy came across a video online of a father who made a 3D-printed hand for his son with a condition similar to Kylie’s, everything changed. Read More